Generating energy from growing a plant.

19+ Volts

During the testing of our prototype we recorded a consistent 19-20v flow coming from the box, throughout the entirety of each test.

3ft x 3ft

The prototype and the model being designed are both 3'x3', and are able to fit in a small space. Making this box a convenient energy solution.

Custom Solution

 Whatever your needs are, we are able to design a box to handle them. The larger the system, the more energy that can be produced.

Battery Storage attached to each unit

Gaia Box is the first off-grid energy source disquised as a closed hydroponic grow system. Allowing users to generate energy while they participate in hydroponic farming.

Non hydroponic version available as well.

Our Team

Marco Millard

Founder - Chief Designer

James Highsmith

Co-Founder - Chief Marketing Officer

Thad Peyton

President & CEO

Greg McGriff


Damonn Alston

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Donald White

Chief Technology Officer

Maceo Henderson

Chief Engineer

Jason White

Community Impact & Partnerships

Have a question?


Can I use the box at home?

Yes, our 3 ft x 3 ft base model is designed to be used conveniently in the home. If you have multiple boxes, they can be chained together to increase your power potential. With our custom option, we can design a system that can fit a space of ANY size!


How can I use the energy?

The most efficient use of the energy is to capture it, and store it for later use. The energy can also be used for short term direct cthings like; charging electronics, and powering appliances.


How often do I need to change the water?

Water usage is closely dependent on the type of plant being grown. We recommend a monthly check of water levels. You should never have to refill the entire tub of water after a month; we estimate 1-3 gallons.


Can multiple boxes be put together, to create a larger system?

Yes, multiple boxes can be linked together to create a larger grow footprint. The boxes linking together will create a larger flow of electricity. The more boxes, the more electricity.


Can I connect a larger battery (or my own battery) to the box?

Yes, we are offering custom boxes that will allow you to connect your own battery sources or a larger battery to the box.